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Police brutality, which is also known as police misconduct, is a very serious issue in Houston, Texas and throughout the United States. Instances of shootings and deaths involving a police officer and a person with no firearms has become all to normal within our society. When a police officer uses excessive force during an arrest, that brutality can cause serious injuries against the victim or arrested individual, the officer or  Brandon R. Cammack Personal Injury Lawyer Houston can represent you or your loved one if you have fallen victim to police misconduct in Houston or Harris County Texas. 

It is with great pleasure we at Cammack Law Firm can present our hard work and dedication to our clients. Above and beyond is what it takes to successfully secure your case and we will never strive for anything less. With over a 98.5% success rate we promise to deliver value to you. Don’t leave your case, your career, your future and your family to luck or change. Call Cammack Law Firm today to see what we can do for you and your case.

Police Brutality In Texas

Most police officers are committed to providing ethical protection to the local residents in their city. Police officers work a difficult, dangerous and potentially life-threatening job filled with high stress while on patrol. On another note, police officers also have a tremendous amount of control over the lives they protect and at times, this power can be abused. Our Houston personal injury lawyers at Brandon R. Cammack Personal Injury Lawyer Houston have the experience needed to bring peace and justice to police brutality victims. The physical, emotional and financial stress and consequences that follow police brutality cases can place a tremendous burden on the injured victim, their family and loved ones. Our law firm will be there for you when you need us the most. Our police brutality attorneys will listen to your story in detail and assist you on how to best proceed with your personal injury claim.

If you’ve been involved in a police brutality incident, Brandon R. Cammack Personal Injury Lawyer Houston can help. Please call our number or visit our contact us page to get started. Our consultations and case evaluations are always free of charge and of no-commitment.


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