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With Uber and other popular rideshare apps eliminating the need for traditional style taxis, we can now request for our own personal driver to take us to any location within minutes, at a reduced price! Uber is a simple and cost efficient way to get around town if you are unable to drive yourself or simply don’t feel like driving. As a result of being so accessible to it’s users, the rate of DUI’s and DWI’s have reduced dramatically in the city of Houston and within Harris County. 

As a result of increased users, more Uber drivers filled the roads throughout Houston and the increase of Uber accidents also increased. If you were involved in an Uber accident or seriously injured as a passenger or Uber driver, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation. Our Houston Personal Injury Attorneys can help represent you throughout your case.

Recovering from a brain injury can last for extended periods of time and in most cases can result in an almost lifelong recovery process. Having to adjust to brain injury damage can change an individual’s life dramatically. While we can never undo the accident that was done, Brandon R. Cammack Personal Injury Lawyer Houston will fight to make sure the cost of necessary medical care and treatment for your injuries are covered entirely by the at-fault party’s insurance company or your own if you are covered.

If you or someone you know has recently been injured and sustained brain injuries due to another person’s negligence, our firm may be able to hold them liable. Our Houston personal injury attorneys will fight until you are properly compensated for your injuries to cover past and future medical expenses associated with your accident. Our firm is extremely knowledgeable, skilled and aggressive when it comes to fighting tooth and nail for the well-being of our clients. Contact us today for a no-cost, no-commitment case evaluation.

Recovering from an injury and learning how to adjust with your day to day activities can take a toll on your overall physical and emotional health. Not being able to move, react, and/or function the way you used to (pre-injury) can be severely depressing for most accident victims. Having the support of your family and closest friends can go a long way in helping an accident victim stay strong and fight until they are fully recovered. With that being said, if you or someone you know has recently been involved in an auto-accident or personal injury accident, call Brandon R. Cammack Personal Injury Lawyer Houston today for a free, no-commitment case evaluation.

It is with great pleasure we at Cammack Law Firm can present our hard work and dedication to our clients. Above and beyond is what it takes to successfully secure your case and we will never strive for anything less. With over a 98.5% success rate we promise to deliver value to you. Don’t leave your case, your career, your future and your family to luck or change. Call Cammack Law Firm today to see what we can do for you and your case.

Uber Accidents In Houston On The Rise

One complexity of an accident involving Uber is the insurance coverage available during the time of the accident. The most common question we get asked is “Will Uber cover me under their insurance or is it my own personal insurance?”. According to the insurance policy information released by Uber, if you were in the vehicle and en-route to your destination with the Uber app “on”, then you 100% qualify for personal injury compensation through their own insurance policy. All Uber drivers are required to obtain and maintain the 1 million dollar commercial insurance policy in order to drive for them.If you’ve been involved in an accident, you may qualify for one of three different policies:

  1. The driver’s personal auto policy
  2. Uber’s commercial policy
  3. The passenger’s own auto insurance policy

Call Brandon R. Cammack Personal Injury Lawyer Houston today to find out which policy will cover you for your injuries and medical expenses. If the crash occurs when the rideshare app is offline, meaning the driver did not have a passenger or was not en-route to pick up a passenger, the personal auto policy of the driver does not apply. If the accident took place when the app was on, the driver’s personal auto policy may be used as the main insurance coverage with the commercial policy counting as a secondary isurance coverage. Finally, if the accident were to take place during a ride, with a passenger inside the vehicle, Uber’s commercial policy will kick in and assume all liability and coverage for the incident.

Legal damages in Texas can include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost earnings
  • Disability and disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress


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